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Free Shipping Most Countries/Products

VLAND Headlights For Chevrolet Camaro 2014-2015 w/Sequential indicators


Manufacturer Part Number: YAA-CMR-0285

Fitment:  For Chevrolet Camaro 2014-2015

Dual Beam: HID Projector (High Beam/Low Beam)
Parking Light: LED (Diamond White)
Turn Signals: Sequential Indicator (Amber)
Bulb Recommendation:
High/Low Beam: D2S/D2H/H7 Xenon Bulbs
Warranty: Manufacturer warranty of one year from the date of purchase.

The package includes: 1 pair of Chevrolet Camaro 2014-2015 headlights with left side & right side.
This item has the same connections and wires with the original headlights. It is easy to installing (Professional installation recommended).