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VLAND Full LED Headlights For Lexus IS250 & IS350 & ISF [XE20] 2005-2013 Sedan with Sequential Turn Signals


Before You Buy
We have the Amber Reflector and Clear Reflector to choose. Choose the best that fit for your Lexus and your country street regulations before place an order.

About this Headlights
Fit For Lexus IS250 & IS350 & ISF [XE20] 2006-2015 Aftermarket Front lights. [Fits Lexus IS Second Generation All models]

Reflector color: Amber/Clear
Color: Black
High/Low beam:LED (white)
Running Light: LED (white)
Turn Signals: LED (Amber. With Sequential Indicators)

Manufacturer warranty for one year from the date of purchase.

Manufacturer Part Number

Package Includes
One pair of headlights include left and right side.

The items have the same connections and wires with the original headlights. It is plug and play, easy to install still professional installation is recommended.

Buy in Bulk on the same item with MOQ from 3 sets and more on Vland. Contact us for more with bulk discount.


Daytime Running Light, Amber Switchback Turn Signal, High Beam and Low Beam

Plug and Play
‎OE Factory Style, Replace Directly, requires no Modification or Drilling.

Re-use the Mounting Panels of Original Headlights
Mounting panels from stock taillights should be reused.

Connect to Fuse Box to Get DRL Function
You need to connect the ACC harness to the fuse box if your Lexus does not currently have the OEM LED DRL function. The ACC harness is already included in the headlights package.

NO AFS functions
It'll display check headlight dash error on the lexus with AFS senor, but there's nothing wrong with the headlights its just not compatible with the default system for lexus. To fix it go under your panel on the left there's a afs box that should be teal color box, just unplug it then your headlight error will be gone after start up.


How to Swap the Circuit Board Module if One of Low Beam or High Beam Not Work

How to Swap the Circuit Board Module if One of Low Beam or High Beam Not Work
1. Low/ High Beam Issue
When one of low/ high beam doesn't work or flicker, please try to swap one module to another headlight.

2. Remove the Circuit Board Module
Remove the circuit board module gently.

3. Unplug
Unplug this plug inside the module.

4. Swap to the Other Side Light
Install the module to another headlight to see if the low/high beam work properly.